Home Ownership Schemes

With quality, trust, safety and commitment as our defining traits, we, at DPL, have decided to launch private housing schemes under the umbrella of The DCANS Group. Service to the nation by providing state-of-the-art accommodation to the citizens of our country at the most flexible terms. Scheme currently caters for employees of our sister companies, and .....


As well as employees in any well-run private companies with a proof of income/salary and SSNIT(tier-I) and tier-II payments, and all public sector workers, including but not limited to:

• Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)

• National Association of Graduate Students (NAGRAT)

• Ghana Medical Association (GMA)

•... and others.


Note: Discussions with organised groups and associations can be at their bureaucratic best, hence we are always open to dealing directly with any employed individual in the private or public sector.


How it works and benefits

• Your first need to provide us proof of your employment and/or income/salary

• Before/After all required processes have been completed and we have handed over your chosen home to you and/or you have moved in, you may be required to move your salary or business bank account to a Bank of Ghana regulated bank of our choosing, to complete our Direct Debit Guarantee instructions.

• Repayment Options may include a

i. Home mortgage (repayment mortgage or interest-only mortgage),

i. Rent-to-own,

iii. Seller financing.

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